How To Find Jobs and Opportunities in Audio and Music

Let’s face it, the creative media is a tough industry.

If you’re an audio pro and looking for work, I share your pain. It is not easy.

But don’t let anyone tell you there aren’t any great jobs or opportunities.

They definitely exist.

You just need a good network and to know what to look for.

I’m turning down great opportunities every day.

To help you get ahead, I’ve created three resources designed to help you start getting results quickly:

1. A free guide on “How To Make It In The Audio and Music Industry”

In this free guide you will find insights as to how to find jobs and opportunities in audio production, music and composition. I share everything I know to get you started including:

1. The importance of developing a network that finds opportunities for you
2. The 5 attributes that will get you paid whilst separating you from fierce competition
3. How to stop wasting your time on what isn’t working
4. How to get the best opportunities in the industry by developing a unique selling point

2015 update: this guide is no longer free and the information is in the process of being sold elsewhere. If you would like a copy please contact me.

2. An opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest job opportunities

Very few people have access to the high hanging fruit. This is the work you probably want.

Work that pays well and, whilst it can have tough competition, has few competitors which make it easier to compete for, providing you put in the effort to make a good pitch.

To get to the high hanging fruit you need good contacts and a great network. You must build a network of people who trust you and who can help you find and fill the right opportunities.

3. An opportunity to work with me.

If you’re serious about a career in this industry, and you would like to develop a solid game plan, we should talk.

My time, like yours, is limited so I can only commit to working with those I know who will succeed.

To gauge if we can work together, I offer every new client a free 15-minute ‘discovery’ session where we can talk about what you’re working on and what your immediate opportunities are.

If you want to proceed, click to connect with me here or by completing the form below.

Good luck and here’s to your success!