Why Edit Your Podcast, Broadcast or Audio?

Rob Contact at Sound Theory

Let’s face it. There’s just no time.

No time to do it. No time to learn it.

And, besides, most people find editing audio boring.

Not here, I love it.

So why edit your own audio?

Well, you could, if that’s the one thing you were born to do.

I often feel like I’m born to do this sound thing.

If that’s not you, I can always do it for you.

Because when I’m editing, I’m adding epic value to the world…

My clients think so too.

And that feels great!

And you?

You can get your audio edited here

Smart people know…

“Everyone needs an editor…” – Alex Blumberg, Startup podcast

To be awesome, you need to be using your time wisely.

Because only you can do what you can do.

But you need more time.

By giving yourself more time you can be doing what only you can do.

Creating awesome stuff.

Grow your audience, save time and sound awesome. This could be easy.

It is.

You can buy your editing package here

Here’s what you get:

  • Professional editing of broadcast, music or almost any audio
  • Removal of mistakes, breathes and unwanted words or phrases
  • File conversion (e.g. WAV<-->MP3<-->AIFF, etc.)
  • Volume level correction and enhancement
  • Removal of audible clicks and pops and unwanted noises
  • Addition of music or sound effects
  • Background humm/hiss/noise reduction
  • Removal of digital clicks
  • Creating a single file from multiple files or vice versa
  • Service with a smile (I love what I do)

Or you can order directly from here:

Simply select the length of your recorded audio…